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The preferred method of contact is email. If you would like to get in touch with Dyer & Co please email with the property address in the subject line. After the property address could you please put a few words to describe the content of your email. For example “13 Main St, Glasgow – Inspection Required”. If you would like to speak to a member of the team the main contact number is 0141 295 0051. Normal office hours are Monday-Thursday, 9.30am-5.00pm & Friday 9.30am-4.30pm.

All maintenance issues should be reported to our maintenance team either by email to or by phone 0141 295 0051 (Option 2) from 5.00pm to 8.00pm and re-opens at 9.00am.  An answering machine service will be operated when the office is closed and is monitored on a regular basis between 9.00am to 8.00pm. PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS NOT A 24 HOUR SERVICE AND A COMMON SENSE APPROACH SHOULD BE IMPLEMENTED WHEN HELP IS NOT AVAILABLE.  Before calling the maintenance team please read below:

Gas Leak

If you smell gas call National Gas Emergency 0800 111 999

Central Heating & Hot Water

Loss of heating during summer months is not deemed to be an emergency.

You may have a back-up immersion heater on your hot water tank or an electric shower for hot water.

If you have a combi boiler please check to make sure the water pressure is sitting at 1–1.5 bar. If it is not, please top the water pressure up to this level and reset the boiler. If you need help with topping up an internet search of the boiler can be helpful.  Please be careful that you turn off the water valve after it reaches the desired pressure as failure to do so can result in damage to the boiler.

If you require an engineer call our maintenance team on 0800 820 2700 please note that if the boiler requires a part then a visit will be scheduled for the next working day as the suppliers will be closed.

Water Leak and Drainage

If you are renting a flat and you are experiencing water ingress from the flat above please contact the occupant of that property immediately to make them aware.

Turn the water off at the stop cock immediately (the stop cock is usually located under the kitchen sink or in a bathroom area).

If you are experiencing problems with the external drainage this may be the responsibility of Scottish Water. Please call Scottish Water Emergency Helpline 0845 600 8855

If you require a plumber call our maintenance team on 0800 820 2700 


If you have lost all of the electrics please check with neighbours as the whole area may be experiencing a power cut. If you are experiencing a power cut call Scottish Power on 0845 272 7999

If you have a loss of power from a specific area ie a particular socket/s please check that the switch hasn’t tripped on the fusebox.

If you require an electrician call our maintenance team on 0800 820 2700

Roof Leak

If you are experiencing water ingress through the roof call our maintenance team on 0800 820 2700


Please note that if you lock yourself out of your property or lose your keys you will be responsible for any costs incurred. If we have to open one of the offices to collect keys for you there will be a callout cost.

If you require a locksmith call our maintenance team.  

Antisocial Behaviour

Police (Non-Emergency) 101


If there is a fire in the property please dial 999 when safe to do so and evacuate the property.  Contact our emergency line as soon as possible.


Please be aware any call out instructed by a tenant which is not deemed to be an emergency by the Landlord or Dyer & Co Property may result in the tenant being held liable for the full sum of the invoice.


If your Landlord has a maintenance contract through companies such as Scottish Gas you will have been supplied contact details previously. If you have lost these details or are unsure if you have a maintenance plan, please contact the office. Please be aware that a Landlord will not bear the cost if an incorrect contractor is used.

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